Compare Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters with Standard Roller Shutters

Design and Function

The biggest difference between Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters and the more common standard roller shutter is the ability to control the amount of natural light entering a room. A standard roller shutter produces a dark and dingy feeling within a room forcing the use of artificial lighting, while Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters create a light and airy ambience, similar to internal plantation blinds. However, unlike plantation blinds or other interior blinds, there is no added bulkiness to your interior space or the need to change the style of your interiors to fit in with a specific interior blind.


Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters are made from high-impact extruded aluminium, which is virtually indestructible, whereas standard tilt shutters are manufactured with a lower grade material – roller form aluminium.


One of the main reasons our customers choose Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters is for its superior safety capabilities. Our roller tilt shutters have a proven record of durability because of the excellent design and higher quality aluminium. Owners of Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters have the peace-of-mind knowing that nobody can enter their property without permission.

Ease of Cleaning

Standard roller shutters are tricky to clean because dirt lodges into the hundreds of tiny holes within the shutter. Giamar roller tilt shutters on the other hand can be easily cleaned with a quick hose down.

Reducing Expenses

All window coverings external or internal will help keep a space cool in summer and warm in winter but only Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters enable total control of natural light while shielding the home or business from the elements outside. Not only do owners of Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters save money on heating and cooling but also on lighting and security systems.

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Control of natural light
High impact extruded aluminium
Highest security rating
Easy to clean
Lower energy costs including lighting